Sewing Machine Tantrums and FibroFog

stiching gone bad
Bad Stitching!! Test to make sure i wasn’t losing my mind.. not me it’s the machine. 

I completely lost it the other day when my serger decided to throw a tantrum and go out of tension after 8 inches of a seam… over and over again.  Every time I would have to stop and rethread the whole thing, get started all over and poof!!  8 inches in it would go out of whack again.

So today I get to take her in for a checkup, but she’s not even 4 months old!!!  In the meantime, sweetie went to Costco and purchased a new basic machine. So basic it has two monogram fonts 😉

I’m not going to be late for Baby Ring’s nursery!! The crib sheets (7 of them) have been done for months. (here is a link to the tutorial I used as a guide to get started)

Elastic needs to be put on the contoured changing pad covers, yes covers – there are 5 of them. And the crib skirt just needs the trim.  Ah and the quilt, my crazy

baby ring's quit, sneak peek
baby ring’s quit, sneak peek – riley blake fabric (halle rose)

jcdouglas original – just needs to be bound.   Two days’ worth of work and I will be done.

I’ve kept myself busy though.  My real estate license expired the other day and so I have used this time to take my CE classes.  A little late, but at least I’m doing well.  I have a listing waiting for me to finish.  I’ll be done by tomorrow, actually I’m done, just need to finish final exams but can’t until a few more hours pass.  Can’t wait to start working on my broker’s license so we can venture into Nevada!!

So much on the cusp of being done I wonder sometimes why I procrastinate as much as I do… but then it hits me spasms of pain radiating from any and everywhere at any given time.  Honestly the prescribed treatment is as bad as the disease.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year.

I have been meaning to go see my mom for about a week now, but have been putting it off because of the pain this does not sit well with me.  With the melt down over the serger a couple of days ago I decided to venture back into the world of pharmaceutical treatment.  This time I knew the little round pill needed to be countered with the blue and white capsule otherwise it would be weeks of crying, isolation, and 24/7 irrational meltdowns (much prefer the rational ones).  I didn’t know what to expect, so I hunkered down.

Cleaned for publication
Cleaned for publication, if you really need to know what it says then you are a degenerate.  

I’m pretty sensitive to medication, so I knew the first full day would be interesting.  And yesterday was hilarious with text messages about kiddo cartoons, historical megalomaniacs and mythical characters doing unmentionable things sent out while I was in a state of complete outermindedness looped up on a cocktail of downer pain pill and happy pain pill while beginning to pass out for a few hours.  Thank goodness I don’t drink, who knows what imagery I would have concocted.

Today, since I have to run errands, I’ve only taken the blue and white capsule so far.  Totally antsy and frigidity, slightly foggy.  Wish I didn’t have to go out alone but oh well right 🙂 will soldier on.  No crazy slurry texts today, sorry sweetie.

Personally I really don’t like how these things make me feel. My mind gets fogged over.  I am nowhere near as sharp as I am when not medicated.  The pain is still there, just dulled a bit. I know my bad for stopping the pills, but see the first line of this paragraph.  Seriously I’m waiting for someone to tell me I have a puddle of drool on my boob or something.  At least I’m trying to do what I can, as I can, how I can.  I feel as if I am half the person I once was sometimes.  Other times I’m totally normal – well as normal as I can be.

jaimie blue sig


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